English - Speak and Learn Pro App Reviews

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Its Ok

What would make this better is a rest button or the ability to track multiple students.

Keep up learning

Thanks for a free app. It is great way to learn!

Excellent App!

This app provides and fun and immersive experience to learning English. My parents in-law are not native English speakers so I downloaded this app just for them to learn English. I must say that this app does indeed help you speak English. They said it was fun and easy for them to learn to match the excellent pictures with the native voices. Once they got that down, they basically knew the phrase in English. This immersive techique bears much resemblence to the same one used by Rosetta Stone, but without the price. There are many lessons and words. After using this app, my in-laws can more easily communicate in the United States. If you or someone else is learning English, this app is a must have.

Great app!

I have been looking for a useful app to get my young nephew learning his first language and this was it! Even though this app is great for foreign learners, its also a big help to children trying to learn their first language! I really like that questions are repeated and makes you thoroughly understand the material. I would recommend this for anyone trying to get a feel for English!

Intuitive and natural learning

As someone whose native language is not English, I can attest that this app is very good because it connects you to realistic situations where you can logically learn different English words and phrases. The app is also free which is another reason why I gave it 5 stars.

ESL Teacher

Will use this in the classroom next year. The kids are going to love it!


Not worse it


Is very good

Great app

I like the learning Approach, very good presentation.



Crashes in iOS 8, needs update desperately

Pretty good app when it worked. No updates since 2011 (abandoned?) Stay away until its been updated. Would also be nice if it were an universal app.

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