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English - Speak and Learn Pro

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Ігри Освіта Навчальні Слово
Розробник: 321Speak
1.99 USD

Learn English today! Learn to communicate the most used English words and phrases through the voices of native speakers associated with beautiful, memorable, images. This app is a fun immersion style ("Rosetta Stone") game that teaches English in the same way you learned your first language.

This award-nominated app was designed by a team of professional English language educators. It is ideal for anyone looking to quickly build English language ability for travel, business, or to refresh your English skills.

The voices of multiple native English speakers bring over 1000 of the most used words and phrases to life. We build from simple vocabulary, into useful complex phrases, teaching language structure along the way.

Over 35+ English Topics such as:
English Course - Airport Travel
English Course - Travel
English Course - Places
English Course - Directions
English Course - Money and Shopping
English Course - Eating and Dining
English Course - Colors and Numbers
English Course - Hotel
English Course - Family and Friends
...and many more most used words and phrases.

321Speak software improves upon other immersion programs, like Rosetta Stone, by providing translations in your native language to supplement learning. The app also provides the ability to turn on/off written text and spoken words so you can customize your learning experience.

Compare with:
Rosetta Stone: $379.99 or Pimsleur (audio only): $230.02

Special thanks to our English language educators:
ESL Expert - Kay Lowe - M.S. Education
Cory Wendling - M.S. Education
Jess Steinitz - M.S.